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We Offer These Suggestions For Vehicle Storage

  1. Get a good heavy-duty breathable car cover. Don’t cover the vehicle with plastic! See Notes!
  2. Try to find a dry, constant temperature and humidity storage area. No damp basements!
  3. Do not store where wet grass will grow up and rust out the frame.  TracyPerf©98
  4. Fill the gas tank to eliminate corrosion. Use gas stabilizer for long periods of storage.
  5. Make sure the tires are properly inflated or even slightly overinflated for storage.
  6. Make sure the vehicle is clean, waxed, and chrome polished before putting it into storage.
  7. Try to drive the car as frequently as possible on dry days. Use all the accessories!
  8. If unable to drive the car, move it as much as possible in the area provided.
  9. Let the engine warm up to normal operating temperature and turn on and off the accessories.
  10. Run the windows up and down and shift the gears, run the wipers etc. when possible.
  11. Make sure you use moth balls and rodent deterrents if conditions require them.
  12. For very long-term storage, kill the engine while pouring a stream of motor oil into the intake.
  13. This lubricates the engine and the exhaust system from the inside deterring rust formation.
  14. For long term storage, put the car on wooden blocks at the jack points to relieve the tires.
  15. Try to store the vehicle in low traffic areas, away from kids, dogs, cats, pedestrians, etc.
  16. Make sure you have adequate insurance on the vehicle to cover for fire, theft and vandalism.
  17. It may be cheaper and more convenient to carry full insurance coverage than to drop parts.
  18. For long term storage, the battery could be removed or trickle charged periodically.  TracyPerf©98
  19. Make sure the antifreeze is more than adequate for the lowest temperatures possible!

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