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If you're not familiar with Tracy Performance, we would like to introduce ourselves. We are a "Total Corvette Involvement" business located in Roseville, Michigan, a northeastern suburb of Detroit. We have 30 years experience in all Corvette related areas. In the sixties, we were into Corvette "street machines." This lead to NHRA super stock, modified production, gas, and altered Corvettes for drag racing. The early seventies found us in SCCA amateur sports car racing. This progressed to successful professional IMSA road racing in the mid-seventies. In 1977, we qualified 5th at the prestigious Sebring International 12 Hour Endurance Race. The 25th anniversary year of the Corvette, 1978, brought our sponsorship of Tom, "The Mongoose" McEwen's silver anniversary Corvette Funny Car, which lead to our famous victory at the 1978 Indy Nationals as well as being runner-up in the NHRA World Championship competition. In 1979, we won the AHRA World Championship with McEwen's Corvette bodied funny car. The eighties returned us to our "street machine" origin as we hit the streets in exotic form with the "World's Fastest Street Machine," an ex-IMSA record holding Corvette road racer with mufflers and turn signals. Other street machines included nitrous oxide injected, supercharged, turbocharged, wide body "Daytona," and other body conversion kits for Corvettes. We still occasionally show up at Sebring, the Detroit Grand Prix and other tracks with racing Corvettes. Over the years we've had our hands in numerous special Corvette projects, including restorations of all vintages, late model big block conversions, etc. We've had Corvette displays at the Detroit Autorama for more than 25 years.

Corvette swap meets and shows became popular around 1973. After attending many such events, we became involved by promoting the Detroit Area "All Corvette Weekend" as well as our annual winter indoor Corvette swap meet at our facility the first Sunday each February. These meets and other events we sponsor, give us a chance to help Corvette enthusiasts pursue their interests.

We were involved with Corvette parts since our early days of "street machines." A large inventory has been maintained to support every enthusiast's needs. We outgrew our first two locations in the early seventies requiring the purchase of our present facility in 1977. We now have a "Complete Corvette Center" covering more than an acre, only five miles from the General Motors Technical Center. We have been successful in filling this building and surrounding property with ton's of Corvette products. As Corvette owners' interests have changed, our inventory has grown. Collecting Corvette components for 3 decades has given us many rare and original items as well as a complete line of new, used, rebuilt, and reproduction parts, accessories and high performance equipment. Our stock includes over 2000 original dated Chevrolet V-8 engine blocks, heads, intake and exhaust manifolds, etc., and we also handle a complete line of wheels, tires, interiors, and fiberglass.

Our service area, machine shop, and body repair facilities are equipped to handle all your Corvette and component repairs efficiently. Our extended knowledge and experience in parts and services give us a distinctive advantage over "mail order houses" that don't repair Corvettes. We've probably already performed all the services you may attempt on your vehicle. This extensive background plus our vast inventory gives us the edge in the Corvette industry where we can truly provide you with "One Stop Shopping." Our personnel are Corvette people who know parts, not just phone answering order takers.

Our expertise has been Corvettes from the beginning and we'll be here to assist you in the future. We at Tracy Performance are Corvette enthusiasts just like you. We've just been fortunate enough to have done many of the things that other enthusiasts would like to do. We are proud of our experiences and are willing to share them with you. We attend many Corvette events throughout the year. We attend events in Cypress Gardens, Detroit, Kalamazoo, Knoxville, Lima, Indianapolis, Ypsilanti, Joliet, Bloomington, Valpariso, Carlisle, Columbus, Chicago and other cities. If you see us at a Corvette event, (look for a big trailer full of parts with our name on the top), stop and talk with us. If you're in our area, stop in and see us. We're not a P.O. box, but a business with a larger variety of Corvette parts than you will ever see at one facility. We would be happy to show you our place which we think is the largest, most complete and unique Corvette Center in the world!


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