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Service Information for Detroit Metro Area Corvette Owners:

You may wonder where to go when your Corvette needs service. The local gas station only sells gas and food now! The nearest garage thinks a Corvette is a "foreign car." The dealership only wants to work on brand new vehicles. The body shop on the corner says it's "no problem," He worked on a Corvette once before or was it a Corvair or Chevette? Other specialty shops are filled with "rust work" on steel cars, but they might squeeze you in as a favor. None of them stock parts for your prized possession. If they can't order the parts from their regular source, or buy used parts out of a "newspaper ad," they want you to get the parts yourself. The insurance company wants you to go to "their preferred discount price specialist." Everyone you talk to is a "Corvette Specialist."

At Tracy Performance, we have performed service on over 15,000 Corvettes. We have been in the Corvette business for over 30 years and have accumulated a massive inventory of parts and accessories. We sell Genuine General Motors Parts including A/C Delco Components as well as reproduction parts, aftermarket accessories and performance equipment. We also warehouse many new, used, aftermarket, and new old stock fiberglass panels. If you decide to do the repairs yourself, we will be happy to supply your parts. We also have extensive experience in all areas including stock, custom and race prepared Corvettes.

If you have the misfortune of being involved in an accident with your Corvette, have it towed directly to Tracy Performance to eliminate extra towing and impound yard fees. Avoid "wrecker" damage by having us handle the recovery of your Corvette. We can flatbed your car into our repair facility with our own equipment, no matter where you live or where you left your Corvette. We can also manage the correspondence with the insurance company. We go to bat for you, the customer, and do all the legwork for you. There is no need for you to run around getting three estimates or making numerous phone calls. One call does it all at Tracy Performance. We normally have all your parts in stock unlike other facilities. Most repair shops in this area buy Corvette parts from us also! We also do theft and vandalism repairs including window glass replacement, interior trim repair, glass roofs, and convertible tops. We do repairs for all insurance companies.

If you want to customize your Corvette, or do something different to set it apart from others, we have many options available. Want it to look better or run better? From our racing experience, we know the tricks and have probably done the same job previously.

Hopefully, you won't have the misfortune of being in an accident to need our services. We would be happy to perform repairs and maintenance on your Corvette no matter what it needs. We hope to hear from you soon. To have a Flatbed Bring Your Corvette in for Repairs, Call 586-772-8810.

Dennis Tracy, Tracy Performance.

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