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Wheel Bearings
Disk Brakes Wheel Bearings

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We Offer These Suggesting For Greasing Corvette Rear Wheel Bearings.

Note: Bearing removal is not required for this operation!

  1. Raise rear of vehicle, use hoist or jackstands.TracyPerf©98
  2. Disconnect half shaft from outer flange.
  3. Rotate and wire the outer end of half shaft up and out of the way.
  4. Remove the spindle nut, washer, and flange.
  5. Place greaser tool over spindle and into dust shield and inner seal.
  6. Reinstall spindle nut and washer and tighten lightly to retain greaser tool.
  7. With a hand grease gun, put in 4 to 6 pumps of HD bearing grease.
  8. Rotate the greaser tool zerk 180 degrees and repeat above.
  9. Remove greaser tool and reinstall components and torque to specifications.
  10. Repeat operations for opposite side of vehicle.
  11. Lower car carefully.TracyPerf©98

This information is for experienced licensed mechanics!
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