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Disk Brakes
Disk Brakes Wheel Bearings

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We Offer These Suggestions For 1965-1982 Corvette Brake Jobs

Before Installing Calipers:

  1. Check all lines and fittings for dents, rust, corrosion, and leakage.  TracyPerf©2017
  2. Check all hoses for conditions, rub spots, kinks, leakage, etc.
  3. Disconnect flexible brake hoses at the old calipers. Remove old calipers.
  4. Treat pads with anti-squeak.TracyPerf©2017
  5. Install new pads, pin, and the cotter pin in each caliper.
  6. Check rotors for thickness, rusty or cracked ribs, run-out, warpage, grooves, etc.
  7. Clean, resurface, or replace rotors as required.TracyPerf©2017
  8. Check master cylinder, power brake booster, distribution switch for leakage, etc.
  9. Always replace calipers in pairs (front or rear), not one at a time.

Installing the Calipers:

  1. Attach rubber brake hose (with copper washer on front) to caliper.
  2. Install caliper, check condition of bolts and lock washers.
  3. Attach the brake hose to the frame coupling, and index properly.
  4. For rear brakes only:TracyPerf©2017
    Check steel caliper lines for rust or rounded line fittings.
    Check for rear rotor or bent spindle run-out.  See Note about Kendig Brake Kits.
    Check out rear caliper lines for routing and condition.TracyPerf©2017
  1. Bleed brakes in order from RR, LR, RF, LF. Don't forget to bleed the rear inner bleeder screws.
  2. Occasionally tap on calipers to shake out any air bubbles.TracyPerf©2017
  3. Check master cylinder periodically and add fluid as required to bleed properly, but keep the cover on except for filling.
  4. Top off master cylinder reservoirs when finishedTracyPerf©2017
  5. Push master cylinder lid boot back into compressed position.
  6. Clean up excess fluid with brake clean when finished with brake cleaner.
  7. Test drive and check for pull, pedal pulsation, or low pedal.
  8. Re-inspect for leaks at lines, fittings, hoses, pistons, etc.
  9. If you use stainless steel lines, snug them several times to make sure they are properly crushed.


  1. Metallic pads are for racecars, as they don’t work well until they are hot!TracyPerf©2017
  2. Drilled or grooved rotors have very minimal braking enhancement for street vehicles.
  3. Do not mix silicone and glycol brake fluids. Use only DOT 3, 4, or 5 Brake Fluid in System.
  4. Silicone fluid tends to destroy real rubber components, does not mix well with other fluids, and also has problems in high altitudes.TracyPerf©2017

Click Here to Order our 1965-1982 Corvette $349.00 Internet Brake Package Today!

Our Internet Brake Special Includes:

  1. Four Fully Assembled Rebuilt Stainless Steel Sleeved Brake Calipers Exchange.
  2. Four Caliper Pins, Cotter Pins, Two Copper Washers, and Eight Organic Brake Pads.
  3. (A core charge of $60 per caliper will be held until four acceptable cores are returned).
  4. (Cores must not have broken castings or bleeders to be acceptable).
  5. If the Two Rear Caliper Steel Lines are Needed, Add $20 for a Pair.
  6. If You Desire Brake Hoses, Add $15 each or $50 for a Set of Four.
  7. New Disk Brake Rotors are Available at Only $60 each or $200 for All Four.
  8. Brake Fluid is Available for $10 per 32 Ounce Bottle.
  9. Silicone Brake Fluid is Available for $20 per 32 Ounce Bottle.
  10. Brake Line Kits are also available, Specify Year and with or w/o Power Brakes.
  11. Master Cylinders are also available, Specify Year and with or w/o Power Brakes.
  12. We also Sell Brake Hose U-Clips, Caliper Bolts and Lock Washers, Line Kit Retainers.
  13. We also offer Vacuum Brake Bleeder Tools and Brake Piston Retainer Tools.
  14. Parking Brake Shoes are Available for $50 per set.
  15. A Stainless Steel Parking Brake Hardware Kit is Available for $60.
  16. We offer Parking Brake Cables and Any Other Brake Related Parts You May Need!
  17. Shipping, Handling and Insurance is additional. TracyPerf©2017

NOTE: We also offer Corvette O-Ring and Piston Assemblies for 1965-1982 Disk Brake Calipers.  These Specially Designed Brake Piston and Seal Kits Tend to Eliminate the One Way Air Pumping Problem Associated with Minor Runout of Disk Brake Rotors.  E-Mail Tracy Performance for Details on These Kits.

To Order Brakes Now, Click Here or Call 800-828-7229.


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