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Glass Tops Fiberglass Tops Hardtops

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C1 convertible hardtops come in several styles.  All 1953 to 1955 hardtops are made by the aftermarket.  A 1956 Corvette hardtop is the only year that has a aluminum front header band instead of a stainless one used on the later tops.  The 1956 through 1960 Corvette hardtops all have the rolling shape on the rear window to deck fit.  The 1961 and 1962 hardtops have a flatter shape on the rear window to deck fit except for the upward V in the middle to clear the center body rib.  They all have Plexiglas rear windows.

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C2 convertible hardtops are quite similar to each other.   The obvious differences are in the headliner as 1963 through 1965 Corvettes use a molded cardboard headliner, and the 1966 and 1967 Corvettes use a vinyl covered molded plastic headliner.  They were usually painted although some were vinyl covered from the factory.  They all have Plexiglas rear windows.

C3 convertible hardtops fit 1968 through 1975 Corvette convertibles, as well as 1976 to 1982 convertible conversions, are also quite similar to each other.  They were usually painted although some were vinyl covered from the factory.  They all have glass rear windows.

C4 convertible hardtops were offered in 1989 and can be fitted on convertibles from 1986 through 1996 Corvettes.  They all have glass rear windows.  The 1986 through 1988 Corvettes may require a hardtop mounting retrofit kit to adapt then to accept hardtops.

C5 convertible hardtops, E-mail for information!

We Offer Used and Rebuilt Removable Convertible Hardtops for All Years of Corvettes Convertibles.  We have Plexiglas Rear Windows, Weatherstrip Kits, and Headliners Available Also.  Remember, Truck Shipping is Required on all Convertible Hardtops. 

In Addition, We Offer New, Used, and Rebuilt Complete Convertible Top Assemblies, Convertible Deck Lids, Weatherstrips, and Other Components for All Years of Corvettes Convertible Tops.  Pads, Straps, Bows, Frames, Bow Locks, and Top Kits are also Available from Tracy Performance.

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