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Just Released, A Brand New, GM Approved Tool for Sorting Out Lower End Engine Noises.

This tool is one of the most accurate methods of measuring actual rod bearing clearance. The operation of the tool is based on movement of the connecting rod on the crankshaft. The measuring operation can be performed on a test stand or in most vehicles without the need to disassemble the connecting rod joint.

Some of the features of the tool are:

Accuracy of the measurement
Speedy execution of the inspection operation
Ability to correctly identify the source of noise
Disassembly is only necessary on selected rods
Correct targeting of ideal rod bearing clearances

Setup consists of removing the components necessary to access the connecting rods. Select a starting point by rotating the crankshaft so that the selected rod and crank journal are at the 5 o’clock position. It is necessary to secure the crankshaft in the case at this point to prevent flexing the crank and measuring main bearing clearance. This can be achieved by either supporting the crankshaft with a screw jack near the rod journal or by placing plastic shim shock between the crank journal and main bearing, tightened lightly with a speed handle. Example, generally the crank can be adequately supported at #2 and #4 main bearing with soft shim stock. Install the rod clamp ‘C’ and rocker arm ‘A’ on the selected connecting rod. Tighten the thumbscrew ‘D’ securely. Center tool base ‘B’ to the oil pan rail with the supplied hardened bolt and washer nut and tighten securely. Align rocker arm ‘A’ with a corresponding hole in base ‘B’ so that the load link ‘E’ is aligned with the direction of the connecting rod travel. Attaching the magnetic alignment pointer ‘F’ to the side of the rod will aid the correct alignment to the load link ‘E’. Insert pivot pin ‘E’ through a base ‘B’ pivot hole. The handle ‘H’ at this point should be a convenient position to apply a load on the connecting rod.

Assemble the supplied magnetic base and test indicator so that the indicator stylist is centered in the middle of the rod cap. Using handle ‘H’ apply the load to the connecting rod in either direction, now ‘O’ the indicator. Reverse the load on the handle and observe the reading. Repeat this operation until the read and range reading repeat within 1 or 2 ten thousands. Complete this operation in its entirety on all connecting rods. Rod bearing generally can be heard electronically above .002" and audibly above .003". Optimal service clearance is .001" to .002".

Rod Bearing Clearance Tool

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