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Race Cars
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E-mail us for all your Race Car needs at

As former drag racers, and road racers, we track various vehicle for sale as well as race car trailers and tow vehicles. 

We also offer the new 2/3rds scale Legend Stock Cars for racing on a less expensive scale.  More details are coming soon. 

If you are looking to buy, sell, or trade a Race Car, E-mail us with the details.

To Post your Race Car for Sale Here, it costs $15 for the first month, and $5 per month thereafter, 2 month, ($20), minimum, E-mail us your vehicle picture and Add $10 for the 1st month, and the picture ad is no additional cost per month thereafter.   Multiple Vehicle Discounts are Available, (Half Off on 4 or more vehicles).  We are Offering an Introductory Special Now through Jan 1st, 2000, where we will give you twice the coverage for the same price, that is, 4 months for Only $20.  Fax us, Call us, or E-mail us with your credit card and with the proper information like in the following fictitious example:

FOR SALE: 1/1/2001 Toledo, Ohio Area

1980 Corvette Coupe, 350 500 HP Engine, 5 Speed Doug Nash Street Trans, 3.7.0 Positraction, Power Steering, Power Brakes, Racing Seat, Red Exterior, 9 1/2" American Racing Aluminum Wheels, Goodyear NCT Tires, Needs Paint, $9999 Firm, Near Toledo, Ohio, John Doe, 123-456-7890 Days, or E-mail to


FOR SALE: 5/20/98 Detroit, Michigan Area

1979 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe, 454/385 Engine, TH 350 Trans, Aluminum Wheels, Red Exterior, Red Interior, Needs Front Axle Crossmember Replacement, It is Fatigue Cracked, Only $4,500.  See Tracy Performance, Northeast Suburb of Detroit, Call Dennis @ 586-772-8901 or E-mail to

FOR SALE: 5/15/98 Detroit, Michigan Area

1973 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe, 350 Race Engine, 4 Speed Trans, Aluminum Racing Wheels, Red Exterior, more info coming soon.  Call or Email for more Details.  See Tracy Performance, Northeast Suburb of Detroit, Call Dennis @ 586-772-8901 or E-mail to

Please Contact us for more info.


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