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Tracy Performance Offers All Years of New, Used, and Rebuilt Corvette Frames Including 1997 and 1998 Coupe and Convertible Front Firewall, Transmission Tunnel, and Rear Firewall Backbone Assemblies.  We also Offer Crossmembers, Repair Sections, Brackets, Body Mount Brackets, and Body Mount Kits.

Corvette Frames and Frame Parts

We Have Availability on Most Corvette Frames and Frame Components.

This is an Interchangeability Listing of Corvette Frames:

1953-1954 All 6 Cylinder,  no fuel pump depression

1955 All 6 Cylinder and V-8,  with fuel pump depression

1956-1958 All,  without rear upper axle link

1959-1962 All,  with rear upper axle link

1963 Convertible

1963 Coupe

1964 Convertible

1964 Coupe

1965-1966 Convertible,  with big block balancer depression

1965-1966 Coupe,  with big block balancer depression

1967 Convertible,  with big block balancer depression

1967 Coupe,  with big block balancer depression

1968 Manual,  without diagonal kickup braces

1968 Auto,  without diagonal kickup braces

1969-1973 Manual

1969-1973 Auto

1974 Manual,  with telescoping rear impact brackets

1974 Auto,  with telescoping rear impact brackets

1975 Manual

1975-1979 Auto

1980- 1982 All

1984-1996 Several Variations

1997 All, Frame

1997 All, Backbone Tunnel Assembly

1998 All, Frame

1998 Convertible, Backbone, Tunnel Assembly

1998 Coupe, Backbone, Tunnel Assembly

1999 Convertible

1999 Coupe

1999 Hardtop


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